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A brow lift, also known as a forehead lift or forehead rejuvenation, is the best procedure available for eliminating the tired, serious, or angry appearance of having low eyebrows and frown lines between your eyes. This simple procedure involves short incisions and a special fiber-optic camera to elevate the brows in a youthful arch, minimize forehead and frown lines, and rejuvenate the face.


Age, genetics, and environmental factors can all contribute to unwanted facial creases and a tired appearance. A brow lift gives a more youthful, happy, and alert look to those who are looking to correct the following problems:

  • Furrows in the Forehead
  • Crow’s Feet
  • Frown Lines
  • Drooping Eyebrows


We perform brow lifts under general anesthesia in our office surgical suite. Once you are comfortable and properly sedated, Dr. Tuggle inserts an endoscope about the size of a soda straw with a video camera at one end through small incisions in the hair above your forehead. This mobilizes and tightens the tissue to elevate the eyebrows, smooth the forehead, and reduce the crow’s feet.

Since the brow is usually only lifted one-quarter to three-eighths of an inch, there is minimal change in the hairline and no hair loss. Even men with receding hairlines or total hair loss have almost no visible scarring. The small incisions heal rapidly, are well hidden in the hair, and require no bandage. Once healing is complete, forehead movement and expressions return to normal.


We customize your brow lift according to your concerns, and we often incorporate an eyelid lift or a facelift simultaneously if that contributes to your goals. Combining cosmetic procedures can make an even more significant difference in eliminating long-term sun damage and aging while enhancing the look of your eyes, forehead, and brows and bringing out your innate beauty.


A smoother forehead and a refreshed, more youthful look are the immediate results of a brow lift. There is usually no swelling or bruising of the forehead. You may experience mild swelling in the upper eyelids or a mild headache, but nothing that cannot be managed with over-the-counter medication.

Most patients are up and about the day of surgery and can return to work in three to four days. Additional recovery may be necessary if the procedure is performed in conjunction with eyelid surgery, facelift, or laser resurfacing.



The difference lies in the goals of the procedure. A brow lift acts to raise the position of the brow to give a less tired appearance and sometimes improves sagging eyelids. The primary goal of a forehead lift is to smooth the forehead, though the eyebrow position may not change dramatically.

A brow lift, also known as a forehead lift or forehead rejuvenation, is a cosmetic procedure to raise the brows. A brow lift improves the appearance of the forehead, the brow, and the area around the eyes by raising the soft tissue and skin of the forehead and brow.

A Blepharoplasty reduces the fold above the eye by reducing fat pockets and excess skin. The fat pockets come forward as the skin loses elasticity and ages.

A brow lift raises the brow to reduce the fold above the eyes further. Our brows fall due to an involuntary muscle pull that often creates the “11’s” between the brows and genetic factors and gravity pulling the brow down.

A brow lift is for patients whose eyebrows are low and wish to improve the appearance of their forehead and eyes. Patients must be healthy enough to undergo an elective operation.

One procedure is not better than the other; instead, they complement each other. We see many patients who wish for the entire fold above the eye to be gone with a blepharoplasty (reducing the skin above and eye), but here is what most people do not understand- 50% of the fold often is caused by a low brow position. If the brow is not raised and the entire fold is removed, this would make the brows even lower.

Often, combining a brow lift with a blepharoplasty can optimally reduce the lid fold with a natural refreshed look because it keeps your face in its natural proportions.

Patients typically experience very little pain after a brow lift, but it is common to feel slight discomfort and a sensation of tightness throughout the forehead. Swelling and bruising are most common during the first 10 days after surgery and are mostly resolved after about 2 weeks.

Most patients can return to work about 1 – 2 weeks after a brow lift, though some residual swelling may be present. Strenuous physical activity should be restricted for about 4 – 6 weeks or until cleared by your surgeon.

This is actually the most common complaint of patients who are dissatisfied with the appearance of their new brows.
● Changes in skin sensation or numbness that persists beyond the surgery recovery period
● Hair problems, such as an elevated hairline or hair loss at the incision sites

A non-surgical brow lift is a cosmetic procedure that tightens and raises the skin on the upper third of your face, specifically the forehead and eyebrows. It can smooth out furrows between your brows, raise drooping eyebrows, open up your eyes and remove lines on your forehead.

To minimize the swelling, sleep with your head elevated for 4 weeks after surgery. In the first 2 to 3 weeks after surgery, the brows may appear to be excessively elevated. Do not worry. They will settle to a more normal position with time.

Initial wound healing may take 10 to 14 days. Sutures or clips will be removed when it is appropriate. You should be ready to return to work and normal activity after 10-14 days. Cosmetics can help camouflage any bruising.

Brow lift surgery reduces the appearance of a heavy, sagging brow. The procedure can help patients correct hooded eyes, as well as treat deep furrows. An eyelid lift may be recommended to remove bags beneath the lower eyelids and excess skin from the upper eyelids.

Ideal Age. Most of our brow lift candidates are between the ages of 40 and 65. But the procedure may be performed on younger patients who may have a genetic disposition to a heavy brow or deep “worry lines” between the brows.

A brow lift can lift your eyebrows and smooth your forehead area. An eyelid lift focuses solely on your eyelids. The surgeon removes excess skin and fat from the lids during an eyelid lift, making them less droopy and puffy.

An Endoscopic incision is made, and a tiny camera to view the muscular structures under the forehead skin instead of pulling back the skin to view them as is done with the traditional brow lift technique. The endoscopic method requires only a few small incisions along the hairline.

If your forehead appears longer because of low brows, an alternative to forehead reduction surgery might be a brow lift. This procedure involves manipulating the muscles or shifting the skin of the eyebrow area to lift the brows higher on the face. In some cases, lifting the brows can make the forehead appear shorter.

Most of the time, the surgeon will use local anesthesia. But if it makes you more comfortable, you can ask for anesthesia that will put you to sleep during the operation (general anesthesia).

Please wash your hair the night before or the morning of your 1-week post-op visit, allowing it to dry before you arrive at the office. You will not be able to wash your hair after the sutures are removed until the following day.

Surgical incisions are placed just above the eyebrow hairs along the outer portion of the brows. The eyebrows are then lifted through these incisions, contoured to the desired shape, and secured into their higher position with sutures. The incisions are then closed with stitches, which will be removed in the office.

A petechial brow lift is a surgical procedure to correct the loss of soft tissue elasticity in the upper third of the face. Excess sagging skin around the forehead causing drooping of the brows and wrinkling of the forehead is removed.

A brow lift may be the right choice for you if you have noticed an increase in fine lines and wrinkles across your forehead. It should also be a consideration if the brow line itself has begun to sag or your eyes appear ‘tired’ due to puffy or heavy eyelids.

In many instances, the results of a brow lift last 10 to 12 years. Depending on the surgeon performing the procedure, the results of a brow lift may last longer. In addition, the normal aging process, lifestyle, and other factors can impact how long a patient enjoys the full results of a brow lift procedure.




  • Positive: Cleanliness ,  Professionalism ,  Punctuality Easy to book online. Seamless appointment and did not feel rushed. Tonya explained thoroughly and made sure i had the best results for botox and minimizing my frown line. Highly recommend!

    Karen Avatar Karen
    September 20, 2021

    Positive: Cleanliness ,  Professionalism ,  Punctuality ,  Quality ,  Value Dr. Tonya Tuggle is a true professional and such a nice person. I highly recommend her and Sandia Skin.

    Lisa Rampy Avatar Lisa Rampy
    September 13, 2021

    I recently relocated from CA. I was nervous to find a new place for lip fillers after going to the same person for several years. Tonya was absolutely amazing! She is extremely knowledgeable and instantly made me feel comfortable. Tonya exceeded my expectations. I’ve received so many compliments from friends and family. The entire staff were friendly and professional. I will definitely become a loyal client. Thank you Tonya and team!!!

    treesem Avatar treesem
    May 4, 2021
  • The office staff is super accommodating and helpful, and Dr. Tuggle and Tonya Tuggle are both wonderful at what they do. I have had multiple procedures/treatments here over the years and highly recommend them. I never feel uncomfortable or judged, which is huge when deciding on cosmetic procedures. I also never felt pressured into anything and always felt informed about all of my decisions. They have great seasonal specials on fillers, etc!

    Amanda Hosbach Avatar Amanda Hosbach
    May 4, 2021

    Positive: Cleanliness ,  Professionalism ,  Punctuality ,  Quality ,  Value First time getting Botox, I was very nervous. They ARE super friendly. They explained everything to me also answered all of my questions. Tonya is the BEST!!! she is so friendly and professional. I totally recommend this place to get Botox. THE BEST IN ABQ

    Arturo Camunez Avatar Arturo Camunez
    July 4, 2021

    Tonya is amazing!! She made me feel so comfortable and really listened to my concerns about my skin. She really cares and knows what she is doing. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!! I was concerned my first appointment but I just had my third and I can say it’s so worth it!!! Botox has been an incredible experience and I’m so happy to have tried it, I’m so much happier with my appearance and it looks incredibly natural. I’ve included before and after photos, neither photo is filtered or edited, you can see how makeup would collect in my forehead, and how the after it’s smooth and looks so lovely. It doesn’t feel weird or like I can’t move my muscles at all, it feels super natural. One of my biggest concerns was that I wouldn’t be able to emote with Botox but that’s just not true at all. I feel so confident and that is thanks to Tonya!

    Devon Lopez Avatar Devon Lopez
    September 13, 2021
  • Positive: Cleanliness ,  Professionalism ,  Punctuality ,  Quality Tonya really takes the time to listen to your concerns and is very accommodating. Results were fast and I love them. I highly recommend them.

    Jasmine Vazquez Avatar Jasmine Vazquez
    April 4, 2021

    How amazing! I can’t believe what Tonya has done for me! She took excellent care of me! My first time ever for Botox and Lip Filler. I’m 58 feeling like 30 again! Everyone deserves this! I will be back! My crows are gone. My lipstick goes on smooth with no bleeds. You are totally amazing Tonya! Thank you again ! Tonya was so professional and went over everything in detail with me! Totally amazing place! Treat yourself! We all deserve to look great and feel great! ❤️

    Paula Winters Avatar Paula Winters
    April 4, 2021

    Positive: Cleanliness ,  Professionalism ,  Punctuality ,  Quality ,  Value Getting botox at Sandia Skin & Face was the best decision I've ever made. No more lines on my forehead 🙂

    Melissa Kibler Avatar Melissa Kibler
    September 4, 2021


Would you please read these instructions before and after your surgery? Carefully following these guidelines will help you obtain the best possible result. Take this information with you on the day of surgery to begin following the instructions that day. If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact our office. We want you to have a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

Preparing for Surgery

  • Avoid aspirin, ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin), naproxen (Aleve), and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications), Vitamin E, herbal supplements, or any medications containing these compounds for two weeks before surgery. Acetaminophen (Tylenol or generic equivalent) and a daily multivitamin are fine.
  • Avoid hair coloring, perms, or other hair treatments 2 weeks before and 4 weeks after surgery.
  • Discontinue herbal medications two weeks before surgery since many of these compounds can increase bleeding or interfere with your anesthetic.
  • Refrain from smoking two weeks before and two weeks after surgery. Nicotine and tobacco smoke delay healing and can result in scarring. This is the perfect time to give up the habit.
  • Avoid sun damage two weeks before surgery. We recommend wearing an SPF 30 or higher.
  • Your prescriptions for after surgery (typically an antibiotic and pain med) will be given to you the day of surgery.
  • Purchase the following non-prescription items:
  • Do not eat or drink anything, including water, after midnight the night before your surgery.
  • Arrange for someone to take you home from the hospital. You will not be allowed to drive or leave alone. Arrange for someone to stay with you for the first 24 hours after surgery.
  • Make arrangements to stay in the Albuquerque City area on the night of your surgery if you live more than an hour’s drive away.

On The Day Before Surgery

  • You may be given an approximate arrival time for your surgery at your clinic visit. On the day before surgery, you will receive a phone call informing you of the exact time to report to our surgery center.

Day of Surgery

  • Do not eat or drink anything, including water, the morning of surgery. Essential medication may be taken with a sip of water.
  • Wash your hair either the evening before or the morning of surgery. Do not use any styling products or sprays.
  • Wear loose-fitting clothes that fasten in front or back. Avoid slipover clothing.
  • Leave all valuables at home; do not wear jewelry.
  • Do not wear any facial or eye make-up. Avoid nail polish.
  • You may wear glasses but do not wear contact lenses.
  • If you wear dentures, keep them in.


Post-Operative Care

  • Iced gauze pads (gauze pads dipped in ice water and wrung out) should be applied to the eyes and forehead for the first 48 hours to minimize swelling and discoloration.
  • Keep your head elevated to minimize swelling. A recliner works well, or adding an extra pillow to your bed is adequate.
  • You will have a dressing in place for approximately 24 hours. Before discharge from the surgery center, Dr. Tuggle will instruct you on the removal of the dressing.
  • You may wash your face but keep the dressing dry.
  • There will be areas of decreased sensation or numbness on your forehead and scalp. The sensation will return to normal over time. Be very careful to avoid trauma/burns when using curling irons, hot rollers, blow dryers, warm packs, and ice packs.
  • Apply a thin layer of Vaseline ointment to all incisions three times a day once dressings have been removed and continue until two days after the sutures are removed.
  • You may gently wash your hair three full days after surgery. Baby Shampoo or a clarifying shampoo works best to remove the ointment from your hair and scalp.
  • Avoid hair coloring or permanents for one month after surgery.
  • You may wear contact lenses the day after surgery. NOTE: if you are having eyelid surgery in addition to the brow lift, contact lenses may not be worn for two weeks.
  • Avoid extreme physical activity, including athletic activities and intercourse. You may resume light walking three days after surgery. Aerobic exercise, weight training, heavy lifting, and straining may gradually resume three weeks after surgery.
  • Avoid excessive facial movements for two weeks-this will optimize the healing process.
  • Absolutely avoid sun exposure, sun lamps, or tanning beds for six weeks after surgery. Heat may cause your face and eyelids to swell. We recommend wearing an SPF 30 or higher.
  • Don’t be concerned if the eyes and forehead show some swelling. Swelling usually resolves within two weeks. In certain patients, it may require six months for all swelling to subside completely.
  • Take only medications prescribed by your doctor.
  • You may expect to have most of the stitches removed after seven days.
  • Makeup may be used seven days after surgery (except on the incisions).

DON’T TAKE CHANCES! If you are concerned about anything you consider significant, call us at 505-291-9600 Mon-Thurs 8-4, Fri 8-12.
After hours: 505-857-3721



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