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Face | Neck Liposuction Surgery: $2000


If you’re bothered by a double chin, saggy neck, or a droopy jawline, chin and neck liposuction can dramatically improve your appearance by giving you tighter, slimmer, and more athletic facial features.

Liposuction sculpting is one of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures at our practice. It’s not only safe, but the results are outstanding as they establish a strong jawline and neck. And the overall liposuction experience involves minimal discomfort.


This outpatient surgery is done in our office under light general anesthesia only requires a tiny incision that we make in your skin’s natural lines. Using a small incision means any trace of the procedure is nearly invisible. With targeted suction, we remove fat and excess skin from your chin, neck, and jawline and tighten it all up to give you a more contoured look.

As we contour the fat around your neck to the perfect thickness, we establish an optimal neck contour unique to you alone. We apply a pressure bandage to minimize swelling and bruising.

If neck laxity is what you’re experiencing, there’s a weakening of the thin platysma muscle under the skin, and we can tighten that muscle at the same time as we perform liposuction.


If you have fat under your chin and in your neck that won’t go away despite your attempts at dieting and exercise, you may be an excellent candidate for this procedure.


Recovery varies from patient to patient, but initial healing usually takes 7-10 days, at which point you should feel comfortable enough to return to your routine, everyday activities.



This outpatient Neck Liposuction Surgery | Chin Liposuction Surgery is done in our office under light general anesthesia only requires a tiny incision that we make in your skin’s natural lines. The small incision means any trace of the procedure is nearly imperceptible. With targeted suction, we remove fat and excess skin from your chin, neck, and jawline and tighten it all up to give you a more contoured look.

As we contour the fat around your neck to the perfect thickness, we establish an optimal neck contour unique to you alone. We apply a pressure bandage to minimize swelling and bruising. If neck laxity is what you’re experiencing, there’s a weakening of the thin platysma muscle under the skin, and we can tighten that muscle at the same time as we perform liposuction.

Submental liposuction utilizes suction techniques to remove the excess fat of the neck and along the jawline.

If you have fat under your chin and in your neck that won’t go away despite your attempts at dieting and exercise, you may be an excellent candidate for Neck Liposuction Surgery | Chin Liposuction Surgery.

Recovery varies from patient to patient, but initial healing usually takes 7-10 days, at which point you should feel comfortable enough to return to your normal activities.

In many instances, the results of a chin liposuction procedure may last seven to 10 years. However, the aging process affects each person differently, and as a person gets older, the results of chin liposuction may gradually disappear.

After about two days, you will start to notice changes to your face. However, it will take roughly two weeks before your skin really tightens and shrinks. The skin will continue to shape around your jawline for up to three months. It can be up to six months before the healing process is complete.

While chin liposuction after one week results in an improved appearance for the patient’s face, chin, and neck, final results will not be fully realized until much later. Some patients can expect to see their double chin eradicated after a few short months.

The maximum amount of fat that can safely be removed with liposuction is six to eight pounds (three to four liters).

Pain associated with chin lipo is usually minimal. Dr. Rochlin uses local anesthesia for the procedure itself to sedate the patient. But the chin and neck are sensitive areas.

Some patients experience swelling and bruising after the treatment, but these side effects resolve 10-14 days after the procedure. The results will be immediate and permanent. Because fat typically accumulates where fat cells exist, you don’t have to worry about your double-chin coming back.

There’s just one potential drawback to fat removal surgery. While it will quickly get rid of unwanted fat, it can also leave you with skin that’s loose and saggy. Depending on how much fat gets removed and your skin condition, you might feel more self-conscious after liposuction than you were before.

Patients may combine Neck Liposuction Surgery | Chin Liposuction Surgery with a mini neck lift to avoid this problem. A lift procedure tightens the skin by making a small incision behind the ears and tightening the underlying muscles and tissue. Getting a neck lift smoothes sagging skin, and it also allows your face to age naturally in the years to come.

Sleep on your back with your head elevated on 2 pillows for at least 1-‐2 weeks after surgery. Avoid turning your head from side to side. Turn with your whole upper body.

If you’re overweight, you’re likely to lose more weight through diet and exercise or bariatric procedures — such as gastric bypass surgery — than you would with Neck Liposuction Surgery | Chin Liposuction Surgery. You may be a candidate for liposuction if you have too much body fat in specific spots but have stable body weight.

They are all performed in my office, and they’re painless, so people typically prefer this option over other costly, limited, and often painful alternatives such as an entire facelift.

There is no way to predict if you will experience any swelling or not. The chin lip-sculpture results are permanent for all patients, and the procedure leaves no unsightly scars and does not require any stitches.

Tightness and stiffness in the area of liposuction, bruising, swelling, burning, or intermittent shooting pain. These are normal experiences as the skin, muscles, and tissue stretch as sensory nerves heal. Pain medication and muscle relaxants will help you cope with any discomfort.

You can shower two days after surgery but do your best to keep the tape dry and clean. The tape and sutures will be removed after 4-5 days. After suture removal, the incision will be taped for the next two weeks. If Neck Liposuction Surgery | Chin Liposuction Surgery were performed, you would wear a chin strap for the first two weeks after surgery.

If no additional salt or sugar is added, mineral water and fruit and vegetable juices can be consumed. You can enjoy black coffee and herbal tea in moderation. By making permanent lifestyle changes, you can enjoy the results of your liposuction for many years.

Neck Liposuction Surgery | Chin Liposuction Surgery is more useful for removing larger areas of excess fat. CoolSculpting is more suitable for removing small areas of fat. Removing fat from the abdomen and flanks is the most common use of CoolSculpting.


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  • Work and Recovery Arrangements. Make any arrangements to be off from work or other strenuous activities while you are recovering from surgery. Have extra help available, particularly if caring for small children. 
  • Smoking.  Tobacco, cigarettes, and nicotine consumption will cause poor wound healing, longer healing times, and excessive scarring.  We advise discontinuing these products more than four weeks before surgery.


  • Surgery Preop Appointment. You will come in for your preop appointment, where you will review the surgery plan with your surgeon and go over logistical surgery details with your patient coordinator.  Bring your questions as well as any individuals that will be part of your support and healing.
  • DIET/SUPPLEMENT RESTRICTIONS.  Avoid foods, drinks, and herbal supplements that can increase the risk of bleeding and bruising.  Avoid aspirin, Ibuprofen, Naproxen, Motrin, blood thinners, vitamin E, omega-3, fish oil, and alcohol.  Use Tylenol in place of other over-the-counter pain medications. 
  • Fill Prescriptions. These may include antibiotics and/or pain medication after the surgery and pre-medication to take before your procedure.  Make sure you understand how and when to take all medications. We suggest keeping a notepad to keep track of the medicines you have taken.


  • Review Instructions with Caregiver.  Confirm who will be driving you to and from the surgical center and who will stay with you for at least 24 hours after surgery.
  • Arnica.  If provided, start your Arnica tablets two days before surgery. One in the AM and one in the PM and continue until the bottle is finished. 


  • If prescribed, take medications with a small sip of water one hour prior.
  • Antibiotic. You will be prescribed an antibiotic to take after your procedure. Take your antibiotic until finished.
  • Set Up Home Recovery Area. Your home recovery area may include pillows, blankets, books, television, and anything else to assist with a comfortable recovery.
  • Bathing. You can shower, but do not apply lotion, perfume, hair products, etc.
  • Shaving. If you have facial hair, you should shave the night before or the morning of your surgery so that the area is free of hair.
  • Relax. Stay calm and get plenty of rest to avoid unnecessary stress. 


  • Dress Comfortably.  Do not wear nice clothing. Dress in comfortable and loose-fitting clothes. Shirts that can be buttoned or zipped up are preferred.
  • Do NOT wear any makeup, jewelry, cosmetic creams, contacts, hair products, deodorant, sunscreen, and remove all piercings.
  • Arrival at Facility. Have someone accompany you to and from our surgery center. Arrive at the pre-designated time and remember to bring a form of identification. 



  • Movement is Important.  Make sure to get out of bed and be up and walking around immediately after your surgery. When lying down in bed or on the couch, make sure you move your legs and ankles. Take deep breaths frequently to keep your lungs clear.
  • Sleep. Sleep on your back with your head elevated about 30-40 degrees (2-3 pillows).  Do not sleep on your side.  Keeping your body more upright will minimize swelling.  Continue this for one to two weeks.
  • Ice Compresses.  Apply ice compresses made of gauze sponges that are dipped into iced water. You may also use frozen peas wrapped in a towel as a cool compress or preferably a Jaw Bra Compression wrap.   For the first 24-48 hours, apply the cool compresses to your chin and neck area for 20 minutes at a time, taking breaks in between. Use Jaw Bra continuously for one week.


  • Antibiotic.  Start your antibiotic tablet 24 hours before surgery and take all tablets as prescribed and until finished.
  • Pain Medication. You will be prescribed pain medication for post-operative pain control.  If your discomfort after surgery is not substantial, you are welcome to take Tylenol instead of the prescribed medication.  Please do not take the Tylenol with the pain medication, as most often, the medication you are prescribed will have Tylenol in it.  Do not exceed 4,000 mg of Tylenol in any 24 hours.  Take medication with food to minimize the risk of nausea.
  • Constipation.  You will experience constipation if taking narcotic pain relievers. Miralax or other over-the-counter laxatives are recommended. Do not wait to take until you are constipated. Begin treatment with narcotic use. 
  • Nausea.  If you are experiencing nausea, which is common after general anesthesia, and a known side effect of some more potent pain medications, we advise that you take your nausea medication. 
  • Medications to Avoid.  Take only those medications approved or prescribed by your surgeon. Avoid medications containing aspirin for two weeks before and after surgery. These medications may increase bleeding. 
  • Substances to Avoid.  Avoid alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine, for these will dramatically slow the healing process.


  • Diet.  A light, low-fat diet is best after surgery. You may start a regular diet after your surgery if you are not feeling nauseous or vomiting. 
  • Hydration.  Stay hydrated by drinking 8 -10 glasses of water a day.  Avoid alcohol while you still have to take pain medications.


  • Showering. You may remove your compression wrap to wash your hair and face, as usual, the next day following your surgery. Replace the wrap immediately after you shower. Avoid submerging your neck in water. 
  • Hot Tubs/Baths/Swimming Pools.  No tub baths or Jacuzzi until your incisions have healed and approved by your surgeon, which is usually around two weeks.  It is best to wait one month for hot tubs as they have more bacteria than regular chlorinated swimming pools.


  • Cleaning your incisions. Gauze will be placed on the small incision line after your procedure. Keep this on until the next day and replace it with a band-aid. Replace band-aid every couple of days.  You may apply an antibiotic ointment (Bacitracin, Neosporin, etc.) to reinforce healing. 
  • Crusting. Occasionally, crusting will occur around the sutures. Crusting is normal and will resolve. Do not try to pull off any crusts.  Showering daily will minimize crusting.   Apply your bacitracin ointment daily to keep incision sites moist. 
  • Sutures. At your first post-op office visit, your surgeon will remove all necessary sutures. All remaining sutures will be dissolvable. Sutures are usually removed two weeks after your procedure. 


  • Mild Bleeding/Drainage. It is common to experience a small amount of bloody drainage from the liposuction access sites for the first several days after liposuction.  
  • Bruising. Bruising is a very common side effect of submental liposuction.  You may have to bruise under the chin that extends farther down the neck and even onto the chest. Most bruises will heal after about 2-3 weeks. The bruise will go from a purplish color to a yellow/green shade as it starts to resolve. 
  • Swelling. Swelling is to be expected for weeks and sometimes months. The swelling can improve with intermittent rest. Exercise and physical activity can transiently worsen swelling but is encouraged. Total resolution of swelling and skin shrinkage can take up to 3-6 months.
  • Itching. Itching at the incision sites is normal for a few days. You may take Benadryl to help with this. 
  • Pain. It is normal to experience tightness, pressure, shooting pain, soreness, and fatigue for several days to weeks following surgery as your body recovers. 
  • Sensory Changes in Skin. There is usually an area of numbness under the chin following a liposuction procedure. Numbness is temporary and will resolve with time.


  • Physical Activity. Normal daily activity may be resumed a few days after surgery. No bending over, straining or lifting more than 5lbs for the first week after surgery. Be extremely careful if wearing any “pull-over the head” clothing.
  • Compression Wrap. The compression wrap must be worn AT ALL TIMES for the first week following the submental liposuction procedure and on and off for the next couple of weeks as further advised by your surgeon.
  • It is crucial to make sure the wrap is placing smooth and even compression on the neck. No curling or bunching up of the wrap should occur.
  • Shaving. It is common to have numbness and irritation under the chin following a submental liposuction procedure. For this reason, it is advised not to shave for at least the first five days after your procedure.
  • Driving.  Do NOT operate a vehicle or make important decisions until you have been off pain medications for 24 hours. Use good judgment.
  • Return to work. Most patients require approximately 5-7days off work depending on their job responsibilities and the amount of physical contact your job involves.
  • Exercise.  You can resume an exercise regimen approximately three weeks after surgery, though start easy and build back up to your previous exercise levels.  Just know that swelling may transiently be worse with exercise.
  • Travel. Automobile travel can resume immediately, although frequent breaks are needed every 2 hours to prevent blood pooling in the legs and blood clots. Airline travel is restricted until 1-week postop. You will notice increased swelling with airline travel, and this can happen even 6-8 weeks postop related to the pressure changes that occur. 


  • DO NOT place anything frozen directly on the skin. Make sure ice is wrapped in a gauze pad or a towel before applying it to the skin.
  • DO NOT soak in baths, Jacuzzis, or hot tubs, or submerge your face in water until all incisions have fully healed.
  • DO NOT take Aspirin, Naproxen, or other blood thinners until your surgeon advises you it is safe.
  • DO NOT rub or massage your neck until after you are examined and told it is all right.
  • Signs of Infection.  Spreading redness, worsening swelling, increased drainage or drainage of pus, worsening pain and warmth at the incision site.  Temperature over 101 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Excessive Bleeding.  If the dressings are saturated with bright red blood, you have to make very frequent dressing changes.
  • Other Emergency Situations.  Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, chest pain, lightheadedness that does not quickly resolve, severe vomiting, pain, or asymmetric swelling in your legs.

DON’T TAKE CHANCES! If you are concerned about anything you consider significant, call us at:
505-291-9600 Mon-Thurs 8-4, Fri 8-12.
Afterhours 505-857-3721


  • Prescriptions. Fill all prescriptions before your surgery date.
  • Compression wrap. It is provided to you by Our Center.
  • Tylenol (Acetaminophen).  Alternative to narcotic pain medication if the pain is not severe. Do NOT take NSAIDS or ASPIRIN for two weeks before your surgery.
  • Arnica.  An herbal supplement that can reduce swelling and bruising.
  • Laxative or stool softener. It is used to reduce constipation that may be caused by anesthesia or narcotic pain medications.
  • Band-aids. To place over incisions.


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