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Spider veins are tiny varicose veins and telangiectasias. They are thin, threadlike veins that lie close to the skin’s surface and are commonly red or purple in appearance. These dilated vessels may be short, unconnected lines or connected in a matted “sunburst” pattern. They may also appear web-like or like branches from a tree.

Spider veins are most frequently found on the legs and face but could be found anywhere on the body. Generally, they are not considered a health hazard, but patients may experience a burning, stinging, or dull aching pain after prolonged standing.

Some of the most common causes of spider veins include a genetic predisposition, pregnancy, hormonal changes, oral contraception, trauma, weight gain, and prolonged standing.


Laser technology offers a very effective means of treating spider veins. When a laser is applied to the skin, these blood cells become very hot and create a clotting effect, collapsing or closing the vein while sparing the surrounding skin. The body will then slowly remove the collapsed veins during the natural healing process and thus reduce the appearance of the spider veins.


Each patient is different, depending upon the number and severity of the veins. Generally, patients should expect between 1 and 3 laser treatments, about 6-8 weeks apart. The treatment improves the overall appearance of the blood vessels, shrinking, diminishing, or removing them completely. Laser treatment for veins should not be considered a cure. New developing veins cannot be prevented.


Soon after the procedure, you may feel a slight bump on the skin, which will disappear in the next 2-4 hours. The area may also appear slightly redder and occasionally may swell or bruise. Infrequently pigment changes occur (darkening of the skin) and will disappear over time. After laser therapy, it is strongly recommended to stay out of direct sun exposure for a week or two. Wearing a support hose can facilitate results.

Moreover, normal hair goes through a growth cycle in three stages: the anagen, or growing phase; the telogen, or resting phase; and the catagen, or transitional phase. Hair is susceptible to the laser’s energy during the anagen phase, but it is resistant during the telogen and catagen phases.


After treatment, there is no downtime and minimal discomfort. Patients are encouraged to resume all normal activities immediately. Final results may not be apparent for several weeks. Most patients are satisfied by the results in a very short time.


Spider Vein Removal Laser Treatment is a safe, FDA-approved treatment designed to rid you of unwanted spider veins permanently. 

We use the “Candela Gentle Max Pro,” which includes the 1064 yag and 855 alexandrite laser wavelengths. Having both wavelengths in one device allows every Fitzpatrick skin type to be optimally treated.

See our FAQ below. Contact Us with any other questions.



Spider veins can be removed by Spider Vein Removal Laser Treatment or sclerotherapy. Both of these treatments provide satisfactory results with almost no downtime. Patients most often can resume even high-intensity physical activity the next day.

Spider Vein Removal Laser Treatment spider veins won’t return, but the body is constantly forming new blood vessels with healing, so new spider veins are likely to show up on the skin surface.

Four weeks after treatment, you may notice some skin discoloration. This is likely because as your veins are closing, blood is becoming trapped within them. You can expect the discoloration to resolve itself in about 3 to 6 months.

Most patients require 2-4 Spider Vein Removal Laser Treatment sessions for the best results. For smaller spider veins, most patients typically see results in three to six weeks. However, results may be seen after three to four months for the treatment of larger spider veins.

The average cost of spider vein treatment (sclerotherapy) is $413, and the average cost of Spider Vein Laser Treatment treatment for leg veins is $312, according to 2020 statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

You will likely look worse after the treatment because the medicine leaves small welts similar to mosquito bites. Don’t’ be discouraged! Proper spider vein treatment is a process, and it is after the subsequent treatments, you really begin to see the effects.

Patients will experience mild swelling and possibly some bruising that will last about 2 weeks when treating enlarged veins with the Nd: Yag laser. If the Nd: Yag is used for non-ablative skin rejuvenation, then the downtime is very minimal.

Fortunately, this treatment is relatively painless. Most experience only a slight tingling sensation while the laser is working. However, if a patient does experience any pain, a local anesthetic can be applied.

Sclerotherapy injections provide faster resolution of problem veins, typically with fewer treatment sessions than laser. Sclerotherapy injections usually only require one or two treatment sessions for complete resolution, while Spider Vein Laser Therapy typically requires more.

The veins will look worse before they look better, which will take up to three months after the last treatment. Skin staining and matting are the most common post-treatment side effects.

Spider Vein Removal Laser Treatment removal only requires that patients don’t exercise, work out or do anything that may significantly elevate their heart rate for at least 24 hours after each procedure, and “pounding” activity (running, high impact aerobics, etc.) should be avoided for 7 days.

Since your veins are still recovering, you should avoid adding undue pressure by elevating the legs during sleep. Have your spouse or partner place a couple of pillows under your legs, just below the knee joint. If you wake during the night, focus on ensuring that your legs remain elevated.

Spider veins may not go away with exercise, but physical activity can definitely be beneficial because it eases the discomfort. All in all, exercising is good for your varicose and spider veins as it boosts your blood circulation, even if you opt for low-impact exercises and light activities such as walking.

Heavy lifting and strenuous activities will need to be avoided for at least a week and usually for as long as two weeks. And you’ll also need to wear compression socks or stockings during the initial period of healing to help speed your recovery and improve circulation.

No. Spider Vein Removal Laser Treatment does NOT require one to be put to sleep as it is relatively painless.

Excess weight is highly stressful on the lower extremities of the body because of the extra pressure. Losing weight and taking the excess stress off of the lower extremities of the body can significantly improve the appearance of spider veins, but it is not a cure for them.

Laser light can destroy the vein without damaging your skin. Small spider veins may disappear immediately after Spider Vein Removal Treatment – Spider Vein Laser Therapy. Larger spider veins and varicose veins will darken, and you’ll likely see them for 1 to 3 months before they disappear. To get complete clearing, you may need 3 or more Spider Vein Removal Laser Treatments.

Once applied to the affected area, apple cider vinegar promotes its properties to improve blood flow. While improving blood flow is essential for dealing with spider veins. However, apple cider vinegar has never been proven to protect against or treat this venous disease.

EVLT or Endovenous Laser Treatment is one of the best treatment options available for large varicose veins and is quickly becoming the standard treatment. This procedure is also called Endovenous Laser Ablation or EVLA.

EVLT (laser) spider vein laser treatment has a 98% initial success rate with excellent long-term results.




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Before your treatment session, our physician will discuss what to expect during your treatment. However, it is helpful to remember that there are a few things to take into consideration before your session:

  • At least three to four days before your procedure, discontinue anti-inflammatory medications.
  • One to two weeks before your procedure, discontinue any blood-thinning herbs, supplements, or vitamins.
  • One to two weeks before your procedure, discontinue systematic steroids
  • At least one month before your procedure, stop steroid injections
  • On the day of your procedure, eat a full, healthy breakfast and be sure to drink plenty of water
  • Please be advised that if you take chronic oral steroids, a discontinuation plan will need to be discussed with your primary care provider as abrupt stoppage may cause side effects.


After your treatment session, we recommend that all patients rest on the day of their procedure. We advise limited use of the treatment area for the next two days, but the movement is encouraged. Limited use helps the joint recover as the treatment is absorbed by the area’s surrounding tissues.

0 – 3 days post-procedure guidelines

  • After your treatment, there is a chance you’ll experience some mild to moderate pain or discomfort at the treatment site. Discomfort is normal, and it is a sign that your body is healing as it adjusts to the treatment.
  • It is best to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water to help promote healing.
  • You mustn’t take ANY medications following your procedure unless specifically directed otherwise by a physician. NO medicine is a must because any drug can affect the healing process or other adverse effects.

Therefore, discontinue use of any of these medications post-procedure for best results:

  • Anti-inflammatory medications for at least two weeks post-procedure
  • Blood-thinning herbs, supplements, or vitamins for 3-4 days post-procedure
  • Systematic steroids for two weeks post-procedure
  • Other important guidelines to follow after your procedure are:
  • Avoid applying ice or heat to the injection site for the first 72 hours post-procedure
  • Don’t take a hot bath or go to a sauna for the first few days post-procedure
  • Avoid consumption of any alcoholic beverages for the first week post-procedure
  • Avoid showering for the first 24 hours following your procedure
  • Limit caffeine consumption for the first week post-procedure
  • Avoid smoking

3 – 14 days post-procedure guidelines

  • At this point in your healing, you should gradually increase your daily activities.
  • 3 to 14 days is also when you can begin exercises. Proper exercise is a vital part of long-term results, and we can help you determine which exercises are best suited for your needs before your procedure.
  • Ice can be applied 3-4 times a day for 15-20 minutes as needed for comfort
  • Anti-inflammatory medications (such as Tylenol) can be taken to help manage any residual pain at this time, take as directed
  • Continue to avoid alcoholic beverages, smoking, or excessive amounts of caffeine

3 – 4 weeks post-procedure guidelines

  • We highly encourage you to begin physical therapy to aid in your long-term healing and continued recovery at this point in your healing.
  • A follow-up appointment will be made for you to meet with our physician to review your healing process. You must keep this follow-up visit even if your recovery is going well.
  • If there are any adjustments to your customized treatment plan, this is when our physician will be able to make those decisions.



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